Is it reusable?

No. Our wallpaper is removable (can be taken off your wall without pulling away the paint underneath*) but once it is removed, it cannot be reused. Note: removable for up to 12 months dependant on initial wall preparation.

Does it stick to any surface?

Our wallpapers will stick to most painted surfaces like painted plaster. However some paints contain teflon and other additives that won’t allow the wallpaper to adhere to the paint. It is up to you or your installer to peel off the wallpaper and feel if the wallpaper will adhere to the paint.  If it feels … Continued

What material is the wallpaper made of?

Unlike some other products on the market, Grafico use high quality films sourced from American and European manufacturers. The self-adhesive vinyl films are specifically designed for wall murals in both domestic & commercial locations. Wallpaper is supplied in nice large approx. 1.2m wide drops with a 10-15mm overlap. An overlap is necessary with all digital … Continued

Is it just like traditional wallpaper?

The short answer is…no…and that’s a good thing! We print onto a self-adhesive, removable vinyl base film. So it’s similar to traditional wallpaper, however there’s no messy glues/pastes and nightmare removal process! Being removable also means that when the drops are being installed you can peel it back to get the drops to line up … Continued

Can I order a sample?

Yes, if you’d like a envelope sized sample to confirm the finish of the wallpaper we can arrange that free of charge – you just need to order via and we can arrange this to be sent to you.  We don’t keep all samples of all our designs in stock, so if you’re after … Continued