Transform your fleet in to lead generating mobile billboards! #DriveYourBrand with Grafico – Auto

  • Full design, print and installation service
  • Fully removable vinyl, protecting the paint underneath*
  • High quality fit & attention to detail ensuring a factory finish
  • Qualified Australia-wide install teams
  • Expert project management ensuring an efficient trouble-free rollout

Whether you have 1 or 1000 vehicles our team has the expertise to not only design, print and install your vehicle fleet graphics. With our extensive project management experience, can also assist in rolling out your new graphics Australia-wide.

Using our accurate template system ensures our clients can view how their vehicles or fleets will look prior to print/production. Designing vehicle wrap/fleet graphics can be challenging for designers – our team has over 15 years experience and up to date with the latest materials and finishes to ensure your vehicle stands out and is ready to #DriveYourBrand


Is Vinyl Wrapping a Paint Replacement?

Vinyl wrapping is not a paint replacement but an alternative option to achieving a custom colour or effect that may not be possible or cost effective to paint. On top of giving you the ability to completely customise your car with branding and graphics, a vinyl vehicle wrap is removable even after many years*, providing protection for the paint underneath*. It is ideal for corporate colours, or for turning your vehicle in to something even more unique.

If your car needs panel and paint work, vinyl wrapping may not be the solution. Wrap vinyl does hide some imperfections in your bodywork, however larger chips, imperfections or cracks will show through the vinyl. The vinyl will only adhere as good as the surface it is adhering to. Rust, rough or flaky paint and poorly executed repairs are not suitable for wrapping long term.

Will It Damage the Paint Underneath?

Essentially, No! The high quality vinyl wrap technology is designed to protect the paint as it acts as a protective coating on your vehicle. If the vinyl wrap is installed professionally, once your vinyl is removed the paint will be exactly the same as the day the vinyl was installed. * We always recommend having the wrap removed professionally.

How Long Does a Car Vinyl Wrap Last?

Our vehicle vinyls are specially designed for conforming, adhering and enduring to all painted surfaces of a vehicle. Provided the care instructions are adhered to, your vinyl wrap should many years even in Australia’s harsh conditions.

I’ve Seen Cheap Vehicle Wrapping Products Online, Are These the Same?

Grafico Auto only uses the highest quality materials available. Materials are sourced from quality world-wide manufacturers such as Avery, Hexis, 3M to name a few. Beware of inferior, lower-grade vinyl films. These cheaper films and poor installation will invariably lead to vinyl degrading in the Australian sun, not removing properly, and even causing damage to the paint underneath. Rushed preparation work can leave dust and debris on the surface and under the wrap causing the vinyl to lift from the car, ruining your impressive vehicle graphics. Unskilled vehicle wrappers can also cause damage to the paint work of a vehicle such as knife marks and other undesirable marks and scratches. Trust the experience of the Grafico-Auto team with of 15 years experience.

Not removing parts means excess cuts need to be made, allowing the original colour to show through, not to mention the extra cutting that needs to be done on your vehicles paint surface.

Our state-of-the-art, centrally located North Melbourne warehouse is cleaned and dusted daily to ensure no dust is present on the vehicle’s surface. We always welcome our clients to visit and discuss any part of the process with our team.

How Careful are the Installation Team?

Our qualified installation team is fastidious and achieves a perfect car vinyl wrap every time to perfectly showcase your unique branding and advertising graphics on your vehicle. Some vehicles do require joins, however, we always aim to conceal the joins so they are not visible. Your Grafico-Auto team member will be able to discuss any aspects of the car wrap with you before commencing and how to get the most out of vehicle signage for delivering maximum advertising impact.

Does The Auto Vinyl Wrap Come with A Warranty?

Unlike other companies, Grafico-Auto offers a 12 month* warranty on workmanship. Throughout the 12 months, the client is welcome to take the vehicle to our North Melbourne warehouse where our team will be able to assess the vehicle and provide any advice to assist with your vehicle display and signage. Additionally, the manufacturers of the vinyl car wrap also additional warranties against peeling, warping or bubbling and faulty materials.*

Vehicles with repainted areas or pre-existing damage are not warranted against damage during film removal, as we have no control over the preparation involved in the repaint.

Still have unanswered questions? Click on the“Contact us” page for more information.

*Conditions Apply – contact our team for further information.

Download our ‘Care & Maintenance” Brochure here.

How Do I Keep My Car’s Advertising Looking Its Best?

When taking your vehicle to a hand car wash it is recommended to inform the car wash that your vehicle is wrapped. Pressure Washing may be used under the following conditions:

• Water Pressure must be kept below 2000psi (14MPa).

• Keep water temperature under 35°C.

• Use 40° wide angle spray nozzle.

• Ensure nozzle is kept perpendicular to (90°) and at least 50cm from

graphics or films.

Do not use automatic brush-type car washes. The additives and the condition of rotating brushes can abrade the surface coating, dulling the vinyl appearance and can cause the edges to lift or chip off. The use of brush-type car washes will void the Grafico warranty that is provided. Some films such as carbon fiber need additional attention. Care should be exercised when using some cleaning products such as car polish which could potentially stain some wrap films, especially on matte finish wraps.

Grafico Auto Disegno
Premium Vinyl Wrap Polishes & Cleaners

Grafico – Auto wrap vinyl films & Plastidip may be cleaned using many conventional automatic cleaning methods. However to help keep your wrap looking its best at all times, Grafico recommends our Premium Vinyl Wrap Cleaner which gently removes & protects against dust, grease, grime, dirt and bird droppings without leaving an oily residue. The Premium Vinyl Wrap Cleaner is best used with microfibre cloths and can be applied after a regular car wash to seal the vinyl film or as a water-less cleaner & sealer.

Price: $18.95

Can I Polish and Wax or ‘Ceramic Coat’ My Wrapped Car?

Most wrap films can be polished, waxed or ceramic coated. We have a range of recommended cleaners, polishes and sealants now available that our team will be able to show you before proceeding with your auto vinyl wrap. If in doubt, ask our expert team for assistance.

Do I Have to Store My Car Any Differently with Vehicle Branding?

Vinyl wraps, just like paint, are affected by prolonged exposure to sun and atmospheric pollutants, especially on horizontal surfaces like the car roof and bonnet. Wherever possible, store your wrapped car in a garage or at least in a shaded area during the day. At night, protect the car from dew or rain, which may contain acidic pollutants, which are very common in large metropolitan areas. If your vehicle wrap is showing signs of wear, extreme fading, cracking or dull appearance it’s important to contact the Grafico team to arrange an assessment and potential removal or replacement to avoid damage to the paint underneath.

Still have unanswered questions? Contact us, and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

*Conditions Apply

image of Commercial_Vito1

Commercial & Fleet Graphics

Commercial & Fleet Graphics will vary depending on:

  • Vehicle make/model
  • Coverage of signage
  • Choice of colours and textures
  • Artwork
  • Installation time & location
  • Quantity of vehicles
  • Please contact our team on 1300 447 234 or to discuss your project further

Lexus Australia – Melbourne Cup Fleet.

An exciting project for Lexus Australia wrapping a huge fleet of over 100 vehicles for the Melbourne Cup carnival.

Read more about this project here

Dnata national fleet rebrand

image of Dnata national fleet rebrand

Grafico was proud to be awarded the tender to re-brand the entire national fleet of D’Nata Catering. D’Nata Catering supplies food and beverages for the majority of airlines around Australia.

The Grafico team were responsible for initial design/layout which then lead on to print/production and then finally full project management of the installation roll out Australia wide. Installation also included removal of existing “Alpha Flight Services” branding.

Usually this type of roll out could take 6 months or more, however our team worked tirelessly around the clock to work to our clients deadline and deliver the entire fleet of over 150qty vehicles around Australia in record time. All this working outdoors throughout the hot Australian summer including heat waves, cyclones and flooding around various areas…Our install teams certainly had their work cut out!

Next time you board a flight around Australia you may spot these vehicles darting around the tarmac now sporting their vibrant new brandingimage of Dnata Catering image of Dnata Aircraft


BMW Australia “Sydney Contemporary” Art Cars

Working again with our good friends at BMW Australia, we were requested to fully wrap a fleet of brand new stunning BMW’s. This project called for high-res artwork from 3 artists who supplied their artwork to be wrapped over the vehicle. Our design team worked with the artists to transpose their 2D artwork on to a very 3D form! The results were amazing and probably THE most colourful vehicle wraps our team have completed!

The three vehicles consisting of 2 x BMW X1’s and 1 x BMW i8 were displayed at Sydney Contemporary at Carriageworks Sydney. We’re still amazed at the new and intriguing ways we get to work with our clients to create bespoke wrapped vehicles just like these ones!

image of BMW Sydney Carriage works image of BMW Sydney Carriage works image of BMW Sydney Carriage works image of BMW Sydney Carriage works image of BMW Sydney Carriage works image of BMW Sydney Carriage works image of BMW Sydney Carriage works image of BMW Sydney Carriage works image of BMW Sydney Carriage works


The Block Promo Vehicle Fleet

Grafico-Auto worked alongside Suzuki Australia and Channel 9’s “The Block” TV show, creating striking vehicle wraps for the new season. From the design concepts through to installation, the Grafico team were able to manage the entire project and in record “The Block” style time frame. A range of Suzuki vehicles including a Celerio, S-Cross, Swift Sport, Grand Vitara, APV Van and Jimny Sierra were wrapped in printed, removable graphics.

image of vehicle wraps image of vehicle wraps image of vehicle wraps image of vehicle wraps image of vehicle wraps


BMW Melbourne X Grafico “#ReflectYourBrand” chrome wrapped BMW M3

Grafico and BMW Melbourne collaborated to create a bespoke BMW M3 featuring a full wrap in ‘Hexis’ Titanium Chrome vinyl wrap film. The vehicle was designed to co-brand both Grafico Group’s new hashtag (#REFLECTYOURBRAND) along with BMW Melbourne. The graphics were placed over the background layer of the stunning titanium chrome using a matte black and gold outlined text to complement the gold carbon ceramic brake calipers. The pun of ‘reflect your brand’ being highly evident in the reflective mirror chrome wrap!

The completed vehicle was used by both Grafico and BMW Melbourne at various events around Melbourne specifically Charity Drive Days at Phillip Island of which Grafico is a sponsor and long-time supporter.

We reluctantly handed the keys back to BMW Melbourne and will forever have very fond memories of our time in the amazing M3. Check out the video below showcasing the wrap along with the completed project…turn up the volume to hear that raspy exhaust crackle!

A big thank you to BMW Melbourne for collaborating with our team in creating this vehicle and allowing our team to utilise the vehicle at various events! For more information on the stunning BMW M3 head to BMW Melbourne and tell them Grafico sent you! 🙂 Check out the video of the entire wrap process here! 

image of BMW Melbourne with Grafico Team image of BMW Melbourne with Grafico Team image of BMW Melbourne with Grafico Team image of BMW Melbourne with Grafico Team image of BMW Melbourne with Grafico Team image of BMW Melbourne with Grafico Team image of Grafico Team



Scuderia Ferrari F1 calls on the Grafico team

When Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team needs last minute signage, who do they turn to? Grafico of course!

For many years now, the Grafico team has been called in to assist with last-minute signage for Ferrari’s F1 car and around the Ferrari pits. Literally working around the clock, our team worked tirelessly to ensure the team was not let down.

Ferrari team management were impressed with Grafico’s quality and fast turnaround enabling them to get the car out on track with completed signage installed on time.

image of Ferrari F1 image of Ferrari F1 image of Ferrari F1 image of Ferrari F1 image of Ferrari F1 image of Ferrari F1 image of Ferrari F1 image of Damian Ferrari F1 image of Damian Ferrari F1

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