The humble wallpaper has evolved! Grafico-Walls presents the latest in removable* self-adhesive wallpaper. No glue, no fuss, no worries!

#MoreThanJustaWall #GraficoWalls

Have the creative freedom to provide your own image or work closely with our in-house team of qualified graphic designers to create the perfect design for your commercial or residential space.

  • Custom design – provide your own image, or have our in house design team design something custom for you
  • Durable self-adhesive & removable* vinyl base wallpaper
  • High-quality printing with environmentally friendly HP latex inks
  • No major install preparation required
  • Available in a range of textures and finishes to suit all purposes


*Terms and conditions apply.

  • Full installation service Australia wide
  • DIY installation available

Grafico was founded by graphic designer, Damian Corney. It is this design experience and attention to detail that has translated to a strong design focus in everything we produce. Whether it be using supplied artwork or a total custom design, our team of talented, university qualified graphic designers work side by side with our clients to ensure a seamless design process. Having both design, print and installation teams in-house ensures both a quality finish plus an assurance that what has been designed will translate effortlessly through to print/production.

Our design team can assist with:

  • Graphic design and corporate identity/branding
  • Custom graphic design and illustration
  • Photo re-correction & enhancement
  • Design consultation
  • Project management and corporate roll out

Designing custom print wallpapers and especially custom print mosaic tiles (Mosaico Digitale) can be challenging for designers. Our team has over 15 years experience and up to date with the latest materials and finishes to ensure your walls are #MoreThanJustAWall

Contact our team to get your project started!

For over 5 years now our team has been working with Channel 9’s “The Block” transforming rooms with 10 out of 10 results! In 2020 the new Brighton based series will see us on board once again as a sponsor.

CEO of Grafico Group & creative director Damian Corney leads our Grafico team as we work directly with each contestant to design and develop unique ideas to transform spaces and add amazing ‘wow factor’. Stay tuned for the 2020 season – it’s going to be a huge one!

Just like on The Block, If you would like specific help from our design director Damian Corney, Damian is available for consultations either @ Grafico or on-site as required. Please contact our helpful team to discuss your project.

Our custom print wallpaper is available in a number of finishes and textures. Below are some popular finishes depending on your artwork and wall location.

Please note samples above are a guide only – please contact us to request or view samples in person.


  • Tape Measure
  • Ladder/Step Ladder
  • Straight Edge/Metal Ruler
  • Applicator Squeegee (Supplied)
  • Stanley Knife
  • Fine Sandpaper (If Required)
  • Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat(If Required)

Surface Preparation

Inspect your walls for any defects such as cracks, peeling paint or bumps and repair as required to ensure a smooth surface. Remove any obstacles such as picture hooks, light
switch plates/surrounds etc.

Using the sample supplied, apply to the wall to ensure the wallpaper will adhere. The sample should stick to the surface with reasonable tack whilst still being able to be peeled off without damage to the wall.

If you are unsure, leave the sample applied to the wall overnight and check that it’s still applied in the morning. If the sample does not feel like it is sticking to the wall or the sample edges peels off the wall overnight we suggest undercoating the wall in Viponds Self-Adhesive Prep Coat. Further info about this undercoat is available at or you can contact our helpful team on 1300 4 GRAFICO (1300447 234) or

Grafico Installers Tip

The smoother and cleaner the wall the better-finished product you will have!


Prepare Your Drops For Installation.

Start from the left hand side of the wall with the wallpaper drop indicated as “No.1” and then sequentially as per your labelled wallpaper panels.

Grafico Installers Tip:

Unroll all of your drops and put in order so there is no confusion on what drop goes where.

STEP 2 :

Position Drop 1

Starting with drop 1, line up the left edge with the vertical line of your wall. Line up the top edge with your ceiling, allowing for the additional 20mm bleed along the top which can be trimmed off at the end of the installation. Allow the rest of the drop to unravel, ensuring it is straight and square to the wall.


‘Bleed’ is additional vinyl which has been printed to allow for uneven walls or any discrepancies in your measurements. Each ‘drop’ has 20mm of bleed on the top and bottom.

Place masking tape across drop 1 approx 100mm down the drop, securing it in place.

Peel the wallpaper away from the backing paper and cut the backing paper off with a stanley knife.

Grafico Installers Tip:

Take your time lining up drop 1 as if this is applied straight, it will make the rest of your installation much easier!

STEP 3 :

Apply Drop No.1

Lightly tack the exposed section of the wallpaper to the top of your wall. As it is only lightly tacked, you can reposition the drop as required. If you are butting the wallpaper into another wall use the vertical left hand edge as your square edge. When you are happy with the position of drop 1, apply it securely onto your wall with the provided application squeegee using the felt edge side only.

Grafico Installers Tip:

Only use the felt edge side of the application squeegee to ensure the prints are not scratched or damaged in anyway.

STEP 4 :

Complete Application Of Drop No.1.

Slowly and evenly pull down the backing sheet in small sections (approx. 300mm at a time). Working in a left to right motion with your squeegee, apply the wallpaper film to the wall. As you work down the wall, continue peeling back the backing sheet to expose the adhesive side of the film. Keep applying the film in a left to right motion keeping the squeegee edge flat to the wall. Apply using reasonably firm pressure to ensure any bubbles can be pushed out.

Grafico Installers Tip:

Use your 2nd installer to ensure the bottom of the drop stays straight as you apply the wallpaper film to the wall.

STEP 5 :

Wrinkles & Bubbles.

If there are wrinkles or bubbles in your print at the end of the application of drop no.1 smooth out using your squeegee or peel back the film and re-apply the affected area. Avoid using too much pressure as you may damage or permanently crease the film.

Grafico Installers Tip:

If you can’t find any bubbles, try shining a torch on the surface to locate any hiding bubbles/wrinkles.



Check your overlaps/joins.

All ‘drops’ of wallpaper are printed with a 10-15mm overlap. Place the next drop 10-15mm over the right hand edge of the previously installed drop. Adjust to line up the print/design as best as required. We recommend placing a small piece of masking tape in 2-3 points down your wall which will act as your vertical line when applying your next drop.


STEP 7 :

Apply Additional Drops

Once you have marked your bleed line, repeat steps 2 to 6 until all drops have been applied to the wall.


Align the drop at the top of the wall whilst your 2nd installer helps you align at the base.

Grafico Installers Tip:

Keep a sharp eye on the top middle and bottom ensuring the prints line up as best possible before applying the entire drop



Once all your drops have been applied to the wall, use a sharp blade/knife to remove any excess print on the top/bottom or sides of the wall.

Grafico Installers Tip:

Make sure your knife/blade is sharp and use a new blade to ensure a clean trim line. If you are unsure about trimming a straight line try using a long edge ruler.


  • Remove Switch Plate Covers.
  • Using Your Supplied Application Squeegee Smooth The Wallpaper Film And Crease Unto The Top Of The Edge Of The Power-Point Surround.
  • Carefully Trim The Excess Wallpaper Around The Power Point.
  • Make An Incision Using A Sharp Blade In The centre Of The Power Point
  • Carefully Extend The Incision To The Inside Corner Of Each Switch.
  • Using Firm Pressure With Your Squeegee Seal The Wallpaper Around The Edges Of The Power Point.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 1300 447 234 or

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