Grafico was founded by graphic designer, Damian Corney. It is this design experience and attention to detail that has translated to a strong design focus in everything we produce. Whether it be using supplied artwork or a total custom design, our team of talented, university qualified graphic designers work side by side with our clients to ensure a seamless design process. Having both design, print and installation teams in-house ensures both a quality finish plus an assurance that what has been designed will translate effortlessly through to print/production.

Our design team can assist with:

  • Graphic design and corporate identity/branding
  • Custom graphic design and illustration
  • Photo re-correction & enhancement
  • Design consultation
  • Project management and corporate roll out

Designing custom print wallpapers and especially custom print mosaic tiles (Mosaico Digitale) can be challenging for designers. Our team has over 15 years experience and up to date with the latest materials and finishes to ensure your walls are #MoreThanJustAWall

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