Grafico is Australia’s leading design signage company making a name for itself in the bespoke projects it undertakes from one off mosaic tiles to its latest collaboration with Australia’s famous interior design twins Alisa and Lysandra.polvam

Damian and the Grafico team first worked with A&L on a challenge for the Block’s Fans vs. Favs back in 2013 and since then they have collaborated on a number of speciality wallpapers for interior design projects before this latest range of children’s wallpaper.

“Grafico is great to work with and Damian and his team have brought our ideas to life,” says Lysandra Fraser.

Designed and produced exclusively by Grafico in Australia, this inaugural range of wallpaper is representative of Alisa and Lysandra’s styling, and reflects current interior trends and colour forecasts that are understated, playful and contemporary.

The designs are primarily targeted at little ones under the age of five, although from the initial response to previews it seems some big kids and even adults wouldn’t mind having them in their rooms!

“Wallpaper adds a different dimension to interiors; it creates incredible visual appeal that has the capacity to completely transform a space” says Alisa Fraser.

Celebrating over 10 years Grafico is making a name for itself as a company designers’ turn to when they want bespoke and custom coverings whether it be for cars, wall coverings, or tiles.

Grafico is credited with the world’s first Graffiti bath from the latest series of the Block and also has the exclusive rights for the much talked about Mosaico Digitale from Italy – where tiles can be made from any design.

“The release of Alisa and Lysandra’s wallpaper range is the culmination of a huge year for Grafico and our work,” says Damian.

The collection will premiere on their renovation special ‘Alisa and Lysandra to The Rescue’, airing nationally on the Nine Network on Thursday 26th November 2015.

“It’s a case of ‘move over baby blue, and see you later baby pink’; our new collection embraces fresh, contemporary hues and patterns that will grow with your child” Alisa Fraser.

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