Starting with literally a blank canvas our team was able to breathe new life in to an existing luxurious Melbourne home.

The existing home was newly purchased by the home owners and whilst being beautifully designed and laid out, lacked personality and individuality.

The new owners wanted to inject some of their personality into the home and briefed our design team on their loves and what their vision was for their home.

Various areas were assigned as requiring imagery/artwork. A theme was established to ensure the areas flowed and were approached cohesively.


Starting from the outside an existing drab concrete wall was not doing much to highlight the pool area. The wall required some green ‘pronto’. What better way to achieve instant green than with our “Mosaico Digitale” custom print mosaic tiles. A stunning ivy image was chosen to complement the existing landscaping. Being a lightweight resin rather than ceramic tile meant the tiles were easily able to be installed by the tiler over the existing substrate and grouted using a charcoal grey grout to give a true 3D look.

The ivy theme was continued through to an existing water feature and added once again instant green to the space with a lovely outlook whilst working in the kitchen area.


Most garages are often forgotten spaces lacking imagination. This garage space was large in size however still felt too much like a carpark. The brief was to turn the space into more of a showroom for the vehicles that were lucky enough to call the space home plus double up as a usable function space. Using the client’s love of motorsport as a starting point, the walls were was once again treated to our custom printed “Mosaico Digitale” tiles throughout the entire length of the garage wall spaces. The stunning black and white images transform the space into more of an art gallery / showroom rather than a lowly garage!

Moving through to the other areas of the home, various other walls were treated to our custom print wallpaper. The large flowing corridor was adorned with a vintage map of Melbourne showcasing the surrounding suburbs of the home and Melbourne areas in a subtle light grey colour.

The cinema room was enhanced using an amazing perspective ‘drone’ shot of Manhattan where so many fabulous films have been produced.

Moving through to the main areas of the home, a stunning blue clouds image becomes the hero piece of the foyer. Various custom print canvases were created, and hung in various areas from kitchen/dining to master suite. Additionally wallpapers in the continued motorsport theme adorned the study walls.

The children’s rooms were also given some life using our kids wallpaper range in “Rubix” and “Alessia” designs as featured on the recent “The Block” season.

We were proud to work with the clients to help them achieve their own bespoke home which we believe truly reflects their personalities in a tasteful and vibrant manner.

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