When The Block  Fans v Faves approached us about filming a wallpaper challenge, we knew that we were in for a big day.  Soon enough, the office was abuzz as The Block contestants and the Channel Nine crew filled our North Melbourne warehouse!

Our brief was simple – design a repeated pattern custom wallpaper using a photo taken by each team, and have it printed and ready for the contestants to install that afternoon. Sounds simple? Considering we had less then a full day to complete this, we were starting to wonder if this was a challenge for the contestants or us!

The day started off without a hitch with each of the teams arriving with an abundance of photos taken around Albert Park, the location of The Block – Fans v Faves. As each of  the couples started working with Grafico’s design team it became clear that the competition was fierce and they were all hungry for the much needed cash prize. All of course, except for the cashed-up ‘Super-K’s’ aka Kyal and Kara who were simply out to continue their winning streak.

From Brad & Dale’s earthy stacked wood design to Kyal & Kara’s whimsical branch pattern, each of the wallpaper designs were unique and showed off the talents of our creative graphic design team. Alisa & Lysandra opted for an industrial look with a repeated pattern light bulb design while underdogs Chantelle & Steve worked closely with their designer to create a striking abstract pattern wallpaper using a photo taken in Melbourne’s Block Arcade.

Soon enough, the wallpaper designs were finalised and ready for production and the contestants were off once again for a busy afternoon of furniture shopping to complete their wallpapered rooms. With only a few hours until the wallpaper had to be installed, the entire Grafico Custom Wall Coverings team kicked into full swing with a production line of printing, trimming and packaging over 50m2 of our popular smooth removable self-adhesive wallpaper.

Each of the teams powered through the installation of their self-adhesive wallpapers  (with a few ‘behind the camera’ tips) and once again, Kyal & Kara came out the victors!

Loved the designs created on this Block challenge? You can purchase all of the contestant’s designs from The Block Shop! Alternatively, contact our team to discuss how you can have a little piece of the block on your walls! We’d also be happy to discuss your design ideas for your very own custom digital print wallpaper!

Be sure to keep watching The Block – Fans v Faves as we’ll be making a few more appearances over the coming weeks!

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