When this 991 Porsche Carrera 4S arrived at Grafico it was far from plain. However the owner wanted to bring it back to life with a new wrap and some colourful stripes.

The vehicle’s basic parts/trim were meticulously dismantled by Zagame Autobody to ensure all parts that were removed were re-fitted to factory standard. Many do not understand that the difference with Grafico-Auto Disegno and other vehicle wrap companies is that all parts and trim that are required to be removed for a full wrap are always performed by qualified vehicle part removal specialists. Unfortunately some in the industry persist with ‘having a crack’ at removing important parts from high-end vehicles and ‘learn as they go’. At Grafico we have a specialist network that we rely on to carefully remove parts/trim and refit to factory standards. Each specialist is chosen depending on the vehicle type. For example if we are wrapping a Ferrari it will be going to a Ferrari specialist for part removal, an Audi/Mercedes…to that respective specialist etc. etc.

Following a strip down of basic parts/trim the entire body was wrapped in a stunning matte metallic charcoal grey vinyl wrap. The wheels  (originally grey) were then painted by our wheel painting specialists to a high-gloss factory finish black. Contrasted with gloss yellow brake calipers.

Did you know our team can paint calipers simply using our German-made 2-pac paint system which does not require brake caliper removal!

Some would stop there with a charcoal grey car with black rims, however we had to push the boundaries further 🙂 ….custom designed stripes in gloss black and retro porsche green was chosen to “POP” on the matte grey. The green colour chosen echoes 911’s of the 1970’s which was matched close to that of Porsche factory colours “Kelly/Fern/Conda Green” (Porsche have produced quite a few greens over the years!)

The final results are certainly not ‘tame’ however the owner has ended up with a truly bespoke vehicle which should they change their mind in the future everything can go back to factory in a matter of one day!

Reflect your individual brand with Grafico – Auto Disegno #ReflectYourBrand