Caravan Challenge

When “The Block” team contacted us to help them make a new weekly ‘challenge’ come to life, we of course jumped at the opportunity. Working with The Block team for many years they have come to rely on Grafico’s expertise in all areas including custom print wall coverings, signage and of course vehicle wraps! This time the challenge was not only on for the contestants however ALL the Grafico team!

The challenge consisted of all 5 contestants having to transform 5 very daggy and dilapidated caravans in to funky retro masterpieces.

Whilst wrapping a vehicle or caravan isn’t out of the ordinary for Grafico (as we have a large arm of the group that specialises in vehicle wraps and vehicle signage @Grafico_Auto). The biggest challenge was that our team had to design, pre-press, print and then install all 5 caravans in less than 22 hours!

To add to the challenge – the caravans were located in North Geelong (Over 1.5hrs away from our office).

The challenge started late one evening with our design team creating a pop-up design studio in front of a very cool ‘airstream’ caravan. Our design team then consulted each couple and designed a custom wrap to wrap the face of each caravan. Each team drew on different inspiration to create one-off designs that would both mirror their own tastes – however taking into consideration the era of which the caravans were produced.

As soon as the designs were complete the high-resolution files were sent via high-speed internet (fortunately this was connected at the venue) direct to our production team waiting eagerly at our North Melbourne studio. Our production crew then had the challenging task to work around the clock until after 2am to ensure all prints were completed in time for our install team to wrap the caravans the following morning! Our printers weren’t the only machines working overtime that night – our office coffee machine was certainly given a work out over the course of the evening!

7am the next morning our install team (fortunately a different crew to those who worked until 2am) were on site at Geelong to begin the task of wrapping all 5 caravans. We chose a matte laminated finish to really make the graphics pop on the relatively plain surface. Making life extra stressful for our team…a full camera crew set up following their every move and listening in on microphones! Certainly NOT your regular day at the office! Our team worked throughout the day to wrap each caravan whilst the teams decorated inside the caravans.

Clients often ask us “Is The Block really as chaotic as it seems on TV and are the deadlines actually real”? We can definitively answer that with a big YES!

Over-all a super successful and crazy experience for all our team – one which we will never forget!

If you have a vehicle that needs wrapping in company branding or simply after a colour change be sure to contact our Grafico-Auto team on 1300 447 234.