What guarantees or refund policies do you offer?

Grafico offers a 12month year guarantee against fading and adhesion issues caused by a fault in the product or printing method.  Please note: Although in most cases the wallpaper film is removable, Grafico does not guarantee removability with zero damage to the wall from the following substrates: – Surfaces with poor paint-to-substrate adhesion– Wallboard– Existing … Continued

What inks do you use?

Yes. The kids whiteboard wallpaper is able to be peeled off and re-applied All our wallpapers are printed using the latest in HP “Latex Ink” technology.  HP Latex Inks are pigmented, water-based inks using HP’s innovative aqueous-dispersed polymer (“Latex”) technology. The water-based formulations of HP Latex Inks reduce the impact of printing on the environment.  … Continued

Is it reusable?

Yes. The kids whiteboard wallpaper is able to be peeled off and re-applied to another surface. We suggest you keep the backing paper/sheet to store it on should you need to remove it and roll it up again. 

Does it stick to any surface?

Kids whiteboard wallpaper will stick to most painted surfaces like painted plaster, glass, laminex etc.  However some paints contain teflon and other additives that won’t allow the wallpaper to adhere to the paint. If the print peels off or won’t stick we suggest trying an alternative wall or surface. Many customers enjoy applying the prints … Continued

What markers can I use?

Essentially any ‘whiteboard’ markers as these can be erased off using a cloth or whiteboard marker eraser.  Please note that if the markers are left on for an extended period eg. more than a few weeks, it can stain the face layer of the film. You can clean the print down with an alcohol cleaner … Continued

What material is the wallpaper made of?

Unlike some other products on the market, Grafico use high quality films sourced from American and European manufacturers. The self-adhesive vinyl films are specifically designed for wall murals in both domestic & commercial locations. 

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