Recently held in Melbourne Sydney & Brisbane, “Milan Happenings” at Space Furniture was held to showcase some of the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair’s most popular pieces and a chance for those to have a feel for the fair without leaving Australia.Туляремия


Grafico Custom Wall Coverings was proud to sponsor each event installing an interactive digital print wallpaper of a map of Milan. Guests were then invited to apply a sticker on the map showing the design house where each furniture piece was located.


Some of the Grafico team headed up to Sydney for the event and thoroughly enjoyed seeing some amazing designer furniture in an amazing space.


<a href=" .jpg”>Milan Happening_Space Furniture_Wallpaper_2


Milan Happening_Space Furniture_Wallpaper_1


Milan Happening_Space Furniture_Wallpaper_7


Space Furniture_Milan Happenings_Wallpaper





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